I know what you’re thinking – just who is this Katy Wellhousen person and why should I trust any marketing advice she gives me? 

katy-wellhousen-2If you want a straight-forward resume, please connect with me on LinkedIn. (You may also want to skip to my portfolio below.) But if you want to know more of the why and the how, read on. 

I became captivated by social networking sites when I was 14 years old. First came LiveJournal, then MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, etc. Every popular social media platform I jumped on and obsessed over. From picking the perfect MySpace song to organizing my tabs on Facebook (remember those?), I’ve always spent an absurd amount of time on social networking sites.

While majoring in journalism at Troy University, a friend and I struck up a conversation about how annoying everyone’s boring Facebook and Twitter posts were about whatever they happened to be doing at the moment. Being the humble 20-year-olds that we were, we decided we would create a satirical Twitter account outlining the woes of being a single, female 20-something (because who wouldn’t want to read what we had to say?). Fast-forward a few months later and our account was rapidly increasing in followers and getting us exposure from other popular accounts and blogs. We began doing giveaways, receiving so many advice questions that we weren’t even able to answer them all and before we knew it, we had a six-figure Twitter following, built completely organically

It was during this whirlwind that I realized I really loved what I was doing and equally as important, I was really good at it.

Social media created a platform where, for the very first time, a brand could put out a message and find out within seconds what its audience thought of it.

It could connect with customers on a human level, join conversations, do some social good and, well, make money. So I made it my career.

I moved to the heartland – Tulsa, Oklahoma – where almost everything depends on the oil and gas industry and hardly anyone was pursuing social media marketing as a profession. I got a job at an ad agency, completed my master’s in strategic communication, and soon moved to another agency where I was able to start, lead and grow a social media team. I was working on major campaigns for big brands and managing six-figure budget ad buys. Eventually, I knew I was ready to move to a bigger city so that I could continue to grow.


The 70-something-degree weather and booming startup culture of Los Angeles was my next (and now current) destination. After working with a couple of startup companies as marketing manager and social media and content manager, I realized that what I was really passionate about was helping small businesses establish their brands online. So I left the stability of a 9-to-5 to pursue a career consulting with companies and creating resources for business owners or small business marketers that want to establish a successful and lucrative online presence.

In this digital age, your online brand is arguably the most important customer-facing facet you have. Yet ironically, it’s one of the most neglected by small business owners. It’s easy to think that because you use social media personally, you’ll be able to do it for your business, but very quickly people realize that the two aren’t comparable.

Your brand needs to look consistent, speak with its own voice, handle customer inquiries and make maximum use of media budgets on the increasingly necessary paid advertising platforms.

Most importantly, I wanted to help these small businesses and startups realize that big-name companies like Oreo, Domino’s and GoPro aren’t the only ones who can have effective social media campaigns. Even on a small budget, I’ve developed strategies for companies with just a handful of employees that look like multi-figure campaigns.

The most important thing you should know about me, is that I don't do mediocre.

Yes, some of my resources are paid programs. But most of them are not. It's the paid programs that allow me to continue to provide you with great, free content, take classes so that I can continue to grow and learn and infuse that knowledge into what I'm creating for you, and feed my cat, Cleopatra. If you're wondering why you should pay for some of my resources and courses because you think you can find the information online for free – venture out, brave explorer. Because trust me, I've been there.

The thing is, I only create paid courses and workbooks around the content I know would cost you much more in time to pull together yourself from all over the Interwebz, are born from my own creativity and experiences in the industry and will actually make a difference for your brand. This is my credibility on the line here, and I wouldn't sacrifice that to make a quick buck on a course that wasn't going to create fireworks of success for your business.


I’ve dedicated years to understanding this industry – from its core particulars to its ever-changing trends. Now, I’m putting it all down here to help you understand it, without having to dig through information that is irrelevant, unnecessary and ineffective. So enough about me – let’s get started on killing the social media game for your business!

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