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One thought on “Will Mashable’s Social Lift change Facebook posts?

  1. It’s interesting to think about when consumers will hit their breaking point. We’ve already seen some outrage over Facebook ads pushing ideas and products in our face. I remember the day I changed my Facebook status to “in a relationship,” ads for engagement rings popped up that same day. I believe that there will be a point very soon when the same digital savvy consumers companies are targeting become the people who stage a movement to call out the ridiculousness of advertising techniques. Consumers don’t want to be tricked, and they don’t want to feel their privacy is invaded. That might work on an older generation who doesn’t keep up with how advertising interfaces work, but for anyone who grew up with the technology, I think it’s going to backfire on the companies. Building relationships through social media sites, I believe, is the best way to start a conversation about brands and promote positive vibes about a company. Creating videos and posts that are “just for fun” brings in a new clientele, too. I’d rather a company work a little bit for my business.

    Posted on July 11, 2013 at 2:20 am