Client: Carhartt
Role: Social Media Planner
Goal: Increase brand awareness and loyalty by recognizing the hard work behind two tough industries

The Carhartt #ThankYou campaign is a brand awareness campaign targeted to two industry sectors – Roughnecks and Linemen – and their friends and family. Using #ThankARoughneck and #ThankALineman, Brothers & Co. used compelling imagery and hard-hitting, to-the-point copy to engage the audiences. Some Facebook posts had an engagement goal, while others linked to a landing page on which displayed videos, information and photos of people using #ThankARoughneck and #ThankALineman. All tweets had an engagement goal. 

We met or exceeded our engagement goal in all areas, with exceptions due only to time restraints, in which the campaign was not long enough to spend the full budget. After reviewing the website click-through rate, we decided to move forward with engagement-only goals for the second flight.

For the first four weeks, we ran an A-B test on image type – images that included a copy overlay and images that did not. Mid-flight we determined that images without copy performed better than images with copy. Future posts were optimized to not include copy on the image.

After data was collected for the full flight, we organized engagement posts by message type to gain more insight into how each creative message resonated with the audiences. Separating all posts by copy theme – Patriotic, Call-to-Action and General – we filtered Insights by results to determine Patriotic-themed copy performed best.

Flight 2 of the #ThankYou campaign is currently running. We have incorporated video into this flight, and will be testing how different copy “themes” (such as grit, toughness, and hard work) perform.

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