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Real-Time Marketing for Small Business

My FREE 6-day course shares the key information you need to get started using real-time marketing to engage with your audience and grow your brand.

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This FREE course will dispell some of the most common real-time marketing myths for small business owners:

real time marketing

Myth #1

I don't see my competition using real-time marketing so I shouldn't either.

FALSE! This course will teach you exactly why your competition isn't using this technique, and it's not because it doesn't work.

Myth #2

 It's too costly and time consuming.

FALSE! You will learn the exact free tools I use to identify trending events and topics, engage with my audience and design images quickly.


Myth #3

Real-time marketing is too complicated.

FALSE! This course will teach you exactly how to make real-time marketing work for your brand, simply. And it comes with a free workbook that will help you organize your real-time marketing efforts.

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