Client: Oklahoma Energy Resources Board
Role: Strategist, Producer, Copywriter
Goal: Increase millennial awareness of the positive effects of the oil and natural gas industry

tumblr_inline_mzvnql3eN51syncz1The Oklahoma Energy Resources Board (OERB) is an organization which seeks to educate the public about the benefits the oil and natural gas industry has on Oklahoma and on America. But they have a problem – millennials, arguably the current most important generation – are typically unfavorable towards the industry. The challenge wasn’t only to educate them about the positive effects the industry has on their lives, but to get them to read this information in the first place. The Brothers & Co. social media team developed the Life Without campaign, which shows Oklahomans what their lives would be like without oil and natural gas. In order to get the millennial age group even reading our content, we produced GIFs, videos and BuzzFeed lists that were fun, engaging, and subtly introduced them to the idea that their lives would be much different without oil and natural gas.

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