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Imagine the taste bud-pleasing smell of a warm, cheesy, pepperoni-topped pizza. What images come to mind? Pizza, most likely. But for customers in Brazil, a rented DVD might do the trick.

According to AdAge, Domino’s Pizza in Brazil has partnered with 10 video rental stores in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to offer pizza-scented DVDs. 10 different new release titles such as 007 and Argo were printed with thermal ink and flavored varnish. Both are heat-sensitive, so while people watched the movie, the heat of the DVD player activated the ink and varnish. When the DVD is ejected, it bears the look of a Domino’s pizza with the message: “Did you enjoy the movie? The next one will be even better with a hot and delicious Domino’s Pizza.”

While I would prefer my DVDs to turn into actual edible pizzas, I’d hate to have to clean tomato sauce out of the DVD player. What do you think of Domino’s Pizza Brazil’s new marketing technique?

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